Daily Archive: October 30, 2014

Oct 30

“Insanity Is Doing The Same Thing Over And Over Again And Expecting Different Results”

– Albert Einstein By the time you read this article, most people’s New Year’s Resolutions will have been abandoned. WHY IS TRUE CHANGE SO DIFFICULT? In my experience, it usually stems from three things: – Inadequate motivation – Wishful thinking – Trying to do too much, too fast Inadequate Motivation: Changing study habits and school performance is particularly difficult because children have a hard time seeing the long term consequences of their bad habits, while the television watching or video games they have to give up to make the changes provide immediate and positive strokes. We parents have to create much more immediate consequences to drive our children to change those bad habits. For example, you might help things along by eliminating your child’s clothing allowance and money for entertainment. Reinforce the lesson by reminding them that in life, when people do poorly in their jobs (a child’s primary job …

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