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How tutoring in Stevenson Ranch, CA, can help children with dyslexia

If your child has dyslexia, a specific learning disability in reading, chances are that he’ll need to get specialized reading instruction as part of his education. While not all academic institutions offer such a learning program, your child can still get it in a private tutoring set-up.


Hiring a private tutor for a child with dyslexia has a number of benefits, including the following:

A customized learning program. One of the reasons why a private tutoring, Stevenson Ranch, CA is effective is that the program can be customized specifically for a particular student. A child that has dyslexia can enroll in a learning disabilities tutoring program (such as the one offered at Santa Clarita In Home Tutoring), wherein a dyslexia tutor has specific set of learning instructions that has been proven effective for children with this condition.

Equipped with the necessary tools design for persons with dyslexia. As mentioned, the learning materials used are specifically designed for children with dyslexia; you can rest assured that these tools and processes have been proven and tested by time.

One-to-one tutoring. With private tutoring, your child receives full attention and dedication from a dyslexia tutor. This is very important for your child to learn effective reading techniques, including sight words and building fluency. Expect that 100% attention is given to your child.

Holistic development approach. While a dyslexia tutor needs to ensure that the cognitive or mental aptitude of your child, particularly in reading, is developed, the approach is actually holistic; that is, the affective (or the emotional intelligence) as well as the psychomotor skills are also developed with private tutoring.

To learn more about how a private tutoring in Stevenson Ranch, CA can help your child with dyslexia achieve his optimum potential, contact Santa Clarita In Home Tutoring at (661) 977-1629

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Undeniable benefits of private tutoring, Stevenson Ranch, CA

A lot of parents are turning to tutoring, Stevenson Ranch, CA today in an effort to help their children improve in their scholastic performance. However, there are a number of them who are having a pretty hard time deciding on whether to send their children to a tutoring facility or hire a private tutor who can teach their children at home. In this post, we focus on the benefit of the latter.

What are advantages of hiring for a private tutoring, Stevenson Ranch, CA? Here are some:

Fewer distractions. This is self-explanatory, right? Having a private tutor provides an ideal space for students to concentrate on the lesson at hand. It helps them to absorb the discussion with their tutors more effectively and allows their mind to become more creative in dealing with the topics..

Can choose a tutor. When students are sent to a tutoring facility, they are likely to be joined with other learners. This means, the pace of learning is dependent on the group’s specific situation. With private tutoring, however, parents can choose a tutor who can help their students learn on a one-to-one basis.

Can focus on specific areas. This is another yet an advantage of private tutoring. Since, it allows students to learn at their own pace, they can choose a subject they want to focus on, most especially in the areas where they lag behind.

Can help with homework. Private tutors, while they are armed with specific tutoring programs, can also help students learn by working with them on their assignments. Tutors can provide reinforcement (or additional explanation) on the topic contained in their assignments given by their teachers.

Can improve confidence and self-esteem. As students learn theories and their important practical applications, they surely can become more confident and will have a higher self-esteem, which can help them perform better at school, and even in life as a whole.

For in-home tutoring, Stevenson Ranch, CA, contact us at (661) 977-1629

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SAT and ACT prep, Santa Clarita, CA

They say that one of the best gifts parents can give to their children is good education. That is true in so many ways. For one, a good education is their ticket to a brighter future; for another, it is the best defense against illiteracy. Thus, parents must do all they can for their children to achieve not just better but higher level of education – i.e. college education.

So, you want send your children to college? One of things that your children can do to be better prepared for college admission is to undergo some preparation, and SAT and ACT Prep, Santa Clarita, CA can be a great help.

Though SAT and ACT are not required in all of the colleges and universities in the US, they are still proven to be helpful for your children’s education. And to get higher chances of passing these exams, preparation is a key factor.

What are the benefits of SAT and ACT prep, Santa Clarita, CA

Helps build confidence. The best way to have a better idea on the chances of passing an exam is to make a prior assessment, right? True. A lot of tutoring institutions offering SAT and ACT prep have designed their program to be more comprehensive to better assess students regarding their chances of passing such exams. When a student passes prior assessments through examinations, it can help build their confidence and increase their chances of passing the actual tests.

Offers a competitive advantage. SAT and ACT preparation does not only provide an opportunity to pass but to achieve better scores in the actual exams. In lots of colleges and universities, admission competitions are stiff. In other words, a student who aims for a particular college or university should not only pass but pass with high scores to get the upper hand in the competition.

Opens opportunity for financial benefits. Track record is one of the requirements that institutions look for financial grant or scholarships. Having impressive scores in SAT and ACT can boost the chances of your children to obtain such financial benefits.

Looking for a tutoring center that offers SAT and ACT prep, Santa Clarita, CA? Contact us at (661) 977-1629

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Summer School Tutoring, Santa Clarita, CA

Have you considered hiring a tutor for your child lately but still not sure if doing so is worth it? Well, here’s the thing – every thing that you do, such as hiring a tutor, to help for the enhancement of your child academic aptitude is worth it; you just need to make sure that you hire one that offers top quality tutoring program. Our summer school tutoring Santa Clarita, CA can be a great help for your child. Here are some benefits that might convince you to hire a tutor at Santa Clarita In Home Tutoring

It helps your child…

Improve academic skills

While summer is a good time for fun outdoor activities and vacationing, it is also an ideal time for academic skills improvement. Hiring for a summer school tutoring Santa Clarita, CA can help enhance your child’s academic aptitude; in-home tutoring services today are quite comprehensive and designed to meet your child’s academic needs.

Nurture confidence

As your hired summer school tutor works to help your child brush up on lessons taken during the previous school year, your child will not just learn new skills and academic strategies but will nurture his confidence from within as well, which is helpful as your child embarks on a new academic journey in the next school year. A summer school tutor can implement teaching techniques tailored to your child’s specific needs. By making an assessment on areas of strength and weaknesses, a tutor from Santa Clarita In Home Tutoring can have a tutoring program designed for areas that need enhancement.

Enhance interpersonal skills

Summer school tutors can also help your child enhance interpersonal skills; your child will be taught about how to interact ideally on various occasions. Usually, your child is just a listener in a classroom set-up. With summer tutoring however, your child will not be intimidated to speak his/her mind and to ask questions – two-way communication strategy employed by tutors is key for interpersonal skills enhancement.

Prepare for SAT/CAT

If your child desires to enroll in college, tutoring can also be a big help; it can make your child to become better prepared for scholastic assessment test or college admission test. Many tutoring service providers today, including our summer school tutoring Santa Clarita, CA, have programs designed to help students for their SAT/CAT.

Looking for a summer tutor? Contact us today.

Call us at (661) 977-1629

Making spring break tutoring more interesting for your child

They say tutoring children is more effective when they are interested in the subject. The question is, how you make the tutoring session interesting? As a provider of in-home spring break tutoring Santa Clarita, CA for years, Santa Clarita In Home Tutoring was able to identify strategies to make the tutoring session more engaging to children.

Some of these are the following:

Make it fun and enjoyable

How can you make it fun and enjoyable? There are plenty of ways. Here at Santa Clarita In Home Tutoring, one way to do it is to introduce a strategy that is, shall we say, unconventional; something that your child does not usually experience in a classroom setting. It could be in a certain learning process that has ‘game’ elements in it.

Another is through recognition. A good tutor should never fail to recognize accomplishments. For instance, when a child was able to answer 10 math problems in a shorter time or when it got 10 out 10, the child deserves some recognition.

Make the session participative

Here at Santa Clarita In Home Tutoring, we give great importance to communication in all of our tutoring sessions, including in our spring break tutoring Santa Clarita, CA. With decades of experience in the tutoring industry, we have understood that communication is key to effective tutoring. If there is a communication gap between the tutor and the child, then there is a great chance that the whole tutoring session becomes a failure. For this reason, it is imperative that any signs that can lead to communication gap should be addressed early on. With established communication, the tutoring session becomes participative. A child can easily open up on the issue he/she has with the subject being learned. In the same manner, the tutor can address any concern right away. In other words, make the session more engaging by making it sure that you understand the child’s concern and issues and that the child understands your thought as well.

Tutoring session with peers

Studies show that ‘interaction dynamics’ make studying more effective, which means that when a child is having a group study with his/her peers, it allows to absorb the lesson more easily. Sharing of thoughts/ideas among them makes them polish their learning. So, if you are having a tutoring schedule with your child over the weekend, you might want to invite his/her friends from the neighborhood to join in.

Looking for in-home spring break tutoring Santa Clarita, CA? Come to Santa Clarita In Home Tutoring today and let us know your specific needs. Call us at (661) 977-1629

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Signs your child needs a math tutor, Santa Clarita, CA

One of the most difficult subjects is Math, right? But that does not mean your kids can’t hurdle (if not ace) it. The truth is, it is not always about the level of difficulty of the lesson but the right strategy to be able to hurdle the challenge that this subject brings. Having the right strategy can greatly help your student not just learn the subject but appreciate the learning process.

If you are located in Southern California, hiring a math tutor in Santa Clarita, CA can help you help your child learn the subject effectively. Tutoring service providers in the area have a custom Math learning strategy – a tutoring technique tailored to your child’s unique needs.

If you are still undecided on whether to hire a math tutor for your child or not, here are some signs that indeed he/she needs one:

Math grades are on steady downward trend. If you are seeing a downward trend on his/her exam and quiz results, it is a clear indication that there is something wrong. You should take the appropriate action by making an assessment personally or you can talk directly to the teacher to discuss which area of the subject your child needs reviewing – and act accordingly.

Spending more time doing the Math homework. Is your child spending an hour or two for a math problem that should only take about half an hour? Your child most likely is having a hard time doing it. That is another sign that your child needs a math tutor in Santa Clarita, CA.

Irritable, frustrated and ‘hates’ school. We know that children grumble about school once in a while, but if your kid is complaining regularly or all of a sudden is not interested in school any more, or worse, “hates” it, that is another clear indication that a help from a tutor is needed. Please note also that some kids are not that expressive so, as a parent, you need to listen to your kids for subtle cues.

If you need a certified math tutor Santa Clarita, CA, don’t hesitate to contact Santa Clarita In Home Tutoring, an in-home tutoring service provider.

Call us at (661) 977-1629

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How math tutoring in Castaic, CA can be beneficial to students?

One of the subjects in school that many students find difficult to master is Mathematics. If you find your child as one that needs improvement in this area, hiring a math tutor can be a great option to take as part of your plan of action.

These are some specific benefits of sending your child to a math tutoring session, including the following:

An opportunity to review past topics. They say you cannot effectively learn new topics without mastering their fundamentals, and that is true. In fact, this principle is one of the reasons why ‘spiral learning’ exists. With math tutoring in Castaic, CA, you child will have an opportunity to master the topics they have tackled in the past, which can help to effectively learn the higher topics to come as your child continues to climb the education ladder.

Develop new skills on effective learning. Highly qualified tutors, with their math tutoring programs, also provide an opportunity for your child to learn new skills on how to effectively learn the subject. It will improve your student’s critical and creative thinking, as well as his/her communication skills. For instance, a skill on how to make solving mathematical expressions a lot easier. Indeed, math tutors do not only teach students about the techniques found in books, but they are open to other methods as well, apart from the conventional ones.

Develop interpersonal skills. With math tutoring in Castaic, CA, your child will not only learn the concepts and theories evolving in the mathematical world, but can develop some skills involving interpersonal relation as well. The student can improve communication skills, the proper way to ask questions, among others.

Develop a study habit. Once studying is done in a routine manner, it develops into a habit – a stage where a student becomes used to studying that he/she looks forward to it, and will miss if he did a skip. Regular math tutoring session will help your student learn the value of numbers and will realize that mathematics is a way of life.

For effective math tutoring in Castaic, CA? Contact us at Santa Clarita In Home Tutoring today.

Please call us at (661) 977-1629

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With A Class Size Of One, The Sky’s The Limit

Study after study shows the enormous power of one-on-one tutoring. The reasons are as obvious as they are compelling. The instruction is delivered at a pace that is comfortable for each student. The subjects are presented in the way best suited to each student’s learning style. The tutor can add depth and meaning to subjects that just can’t be delivered in crowded classrooms where the teacher is under the gun to race through the curriculum.

With one-on-one tutoring delivered in the comfort of the home, the experienced tutor can form a bond that just cannot be created in a one to many classroom environment. The result is great grades and a level of interest and motivation that just doesn’t happen in larger groups, or when the instruction is delivered by software, or by a less qualified teacher.

On Average, Our Students Improve 2 Letter Grades In 60 Days Or Less

Yes, that may sound unbelievable. But at Santa Clarita In Home Tutoring, we have tutored nearly a half a million students over the past twenty years, and the data doesn’t lie. One of our expert tutors, working one-on-one with a motivated student can do remarkable things. Just three hours of tutoring each week, focused directly on the problem subject, using the student’s own classroom materials and curriculum, will deliver rapid improvements in understanding, and raise the student’s homework grades, and quiz and test grades. The payback goes beyond better grades too. The student is more confident, less stressed and develops a stronger foundation for future classes.

The Secret Is A Team Of Expert, Experienced, Kind, Caring, Professional One-On-One Tutors, Completely Committed To Your Academic Success

Each of our tutors at Santa Clarita In Home Tutoring is a valued and trusted employee. Every tutor submits to a comprehensive background check, is thoroughly reference checked, agrees to drug testing, and either has a teaching degree or a college degree in an important specialty PLUS experience teaching or tutoring. And we don’t just stop there. We do competency testing and extra training with our tutors.

What we deliver is a far cry from the questionable tutoring you will find on Craigslist, or from a tutoring broker who just scours the classified ads to find someone who looks like they fit your needs. It’s also a far cry from the kind of software-assisted instruction overseen by high school students that you see at so many tutoring facilities. The difference is quite tangible- it means faster grade improvement, better learning, all in a safe environment working with a true expert. Call us today to find out how a hand-selected, experienced, professional tutor, matched precisely to your needs, can make a difference in your life!