Monthly Archive: March 2017

Mar 29

Making spring break tutoring more interesting for your child

They say tutoring children is more effective when they are interested in the subject. The question is, how you make the tutoring session interesting? As a provider of in-home spring break tutoring Santa Clarita, CA for years, Club Z was able to identify strategies to make the tutoring session more engaging to children. Some of these are the following: Make it fun and enjoyable How can you make it fun and enjoyable? There are plenty of ways. Here at Club Z, one way to do it is to introduce a strategy that is, shall we say, unconventional; something that your child does not usually experience in a classroom setting. It could be in a certain learning process that has ‘game’ elements in it. Another is through recognition. A good tutor should never fail to recognize accomplishments. For instance, when a child was able to answer 10 math problems in a …

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