Math Tutor SaugusAs the end of the 2013-2014 school-year approaches, students must keep good grades within reach to finish strong. Here are three important things to keep an eye on:
(1) Avoiding burnout and spring fever
(2) Taking Advantage Of Opportunities To Repair Bad Grades And Earn Extra Credit
(3) Studying Effectively For Finals Instead Of Cramming Last Minute

It’s late April and many students are starting to burn out. Spring is in the air, bringing lots of distractions too. Yet, this is the worst time for students to take their eye off the ball at school. The last four to six weeks of the school year often make the difference between good and average grades. Fight distraction and burnout by setting and rewarding short-term goals. Keep the mood positive and the focus clear by celebrating each small success. Try to avoid other commitments until school is done.

Don’t wait to find out that your child’s grades are in trouble. Get online and check their “infinite campus” accounts. If they have missing assignments, see if the work can still be turned in. If they have bad test grades, see if those tests can be retaken. Many teachers offer extra credit opportunities so students can compensate for problems earlier in the semester. Even if your child’s teacher has not suggested this, many teachers are open to it if the student approaches them. Start now, before the crunch of final exams starts.

High school and middle school students will soon have tests that cover material from the entire semester. Most students will “cram,” last minute. Cramming doesn’t work when you have to retain lots of information, or retain it for a long time. Starting early and using the right studying approaches for long-term recall is very important. Do a little every day. Starting early also allows your child to identify material that they did not fully understand the first time and needs re-teaching. Whether this is done over lunchtime with their teacher or at home with a professional tutor, now is the time to start. It is harder to get help at the very end of the semester when everyone is already tied up.

Mary Beth Inchalik is the President of Santa Clarita In Home Tutoring. She has over 20 years of combined regular and special education teaching experience from elementary school through high school. Contact her at (661) 977-1629 or