Santa Clarita In Home Tutoring can help you to prepare for these important exams. Our experienced tutors are equipped with the tools and resources you need to prepare for your tests. Whether you’re just getting started or simply need a refresher, we have what you need to succeed!

The Advanced Placement (AP) program allows high school students to use passing AP exam scores in 38 subjects to help open doors as they prepare for college. Passing AP scores can have numerous advantages such as:

  • gain college credit in high school
  • pursue a second degree
  • study abroad
  • skip introductory classes (freeing up time and money)
  • graduate early

Most colleges and universities use AP as an important factor in evaluating candidates for admission. In fact, 85% report that a student’s AP experience favorably impacts admission decisions.  This gives an advantage when applying to colleges and trying to stand out from the crowd. By taking an AP Exam, students are showing admissions officers they are motivated to succeed and can exceed in college level courses.

AP Exams cost $95 each and are offered the first two weeks of May annually at many high schools and exam centers throughout Southern California.