Santa Clarita In Home Tutoring addresses  problems in math performance by providing in home tutoring services to students around Santa Clarita and its neighboring areas. Our in home tutors professionals, capable of teaching the following math subjects:

Basic Math Tutors

Santa Clarita In Home Tutoring staff is well-equipped to ground students in the fundamentals and improve their overall knowledge and comfort level with math. Once students are done with Santa Clarita In Home Tutoring’s basic math tutoring program, they will become more confident in dealing with advanced math topics like geometry, statistics, and calculus.

Algebra Tutors

Often viewed as one of the intermediate fields of mathematics, algebra is one of the most-commonly required subjects for students. With the help of Santa Clarita In Home Tutoring, students will achieve improved knowledge of algebraic concepts like variables, equations, and polynomials.

Geometry Tutors

Our geometry tutors can work with students through common challenges in the curriculum: quadratic equations, Law of Sines and Cosines, angles and transformations. Once students are finished with the tutoring program, they will become more confident in applying these concepts in subjects like astronomy and image analysis, and be able to move into higher levels of math.

Calculus Tutors

Considered as one of the most advanced subjects in mathematics, calculus is indeed a subject not to be taken lightly. With help from Santa Clarita In Home Tutoring, students can comfortably learn the major concepts that govern calculus including limits, differentials, and integrals. Strength in this area will open new opportunities for students to learn more advanced mathematical fields.

Statistics Tutor

Statistics is arguably the most diverse branch of mathematics. Its use can be seen even in the field of liberal arts and social sciences, as its functions are used in various data gathering procedures in research. Santa Clarita In Home Tutoring understands the importance of statistics, and our in home tutors will help students understand the fundamentals of statistics.

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