Santa Clarita In Home Tutoring has access to the best learning tools and educational methods to enhance the learning experience and help your child improve their reading skills. We match each child with a tutor who will be able to connect and encourage them in the comfort of their own home. By providing lessons in a comfortable, non-threatening environment we have found that students embrace the experience and learn better and faster than they do in a classroom. With personalized one-on-one support, many children find their “reading niche”, improving up to 2 grade levels in only a few months time.

Reading comprehension is one of the most important skills students learn starting in grade school. Without strong reading comprehension, students may fall behind in other core classes than English. Most subjects require students to read and understand written content. For this reason, when your child struggles with reading, they will likely have a hard time with their studies.

Reading problems caught early on can be easily reversed. Santa Clarita in Home Tutoring specializes in identifying the cause of reading difficulties through comprehensive learning assessments. Based on the results of the assessment, a customize learning plan is created to help get your child back on track as efficiently as possible.

Santa Clarita In Home Tutoring Can Help Students Overcome Reading Troubles in All Areas Including:

  • Poor word recognition
  • Trouble understanding what they read
  • Spelling and decoding
  • Fluency and reading rate
  • Purposeful reading

We Use The Top Methods To Help Your Child Learn How To Read:

If your young child is having a hard time learning how to read in class, it could be because their teacher is using education methods that do not match their unique learning style. Unfortunately, in the classroom setting many kids do not get the attention they need to overcome their learning roadblocks and master the skills that are being taught.

The impact of poor reading skills affects not only English Language Arts but all subjects that require reading to complete assignments. It is strongly recommended to get your child help with reading right away so that they do not fall further behind.

Studies have proven that the best way to overcome reading problems is with one-on-one tutoring from a certified teacher, who uses different teaching methods in addition to the ones used in class. The instructors at Santa Clarita In Home Tutoring are well versed in the most popular reading education methods that are used in the classroom today as well has some special tools to help students who are struggling. These include the Whole Language Learning Method and traditional phonics.

The Whole Language Learning Method is a modern style of teaching reading that focuses on out loud reading and the sounding out of words. It is different than traditional phonics that relies heavily on word recognition to understand how new words are structured. When these two methods are taught in combination, it can improve how your child learns how to read. Together both Phonics and Whole Language Learning can give your child the skills they need to become talented readers.

The other main reason why many students struggle in a classroom setting is because they are not being challenged or engaged. Santa Clarita In Home Tutoring’s method for reading tutoring focuses on fun, as well as building up your child’s confidence. After only a handful of sessions many parents have seen dramatic improvements in how their child handles their schoolwork. Santa Clarita In Home Tutoring proudly boasts progress of at least one letter grade in the next reporting period!

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