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1806, 2014

How To Build Your Vocabulary For The SAT

By |June 18th, 2014|in-home tutoring|

A good vocabulary is essential to the Critical Reading portion of the SAT test. Both the sentence completion questions and the reading passages themselves are full of words many students have never seen before. So, how do you build an effective vocabulary? First, let’s start with what NOT to do. You cannot study a long [...]

510, 2013

Study Shows The BEST Way To Learn

By |October 5th, 2013|In-Home Tutoring Santa Clarita|

Two University of Chicago doctoral students completed research as part of their dissertations that compared the learning results of students who were instructed under a variety of conditions.  In short, they found that working with private, in-home tutors is BY FAR the most effective way to learn.   The study compared: Students in a typical [...]

1912, 2022

Why Hire Algebra Tutor In Castaic, CA, For Your Student This Winter Break

By |December 19th, 2022|Algebra Tutor, Blog, Castaic CA, math tutor, Math Tutoring, Math Tutoring Service, Tutor, tutor, Tutoring, Winter Break Tutoring, Winter Break Tutors|

Now that the holiday season is here, you are probably thinking of a gift for your children. Here's the thing: not all expensive gifts last, so you may consider choosing one that is inexpensive yet meaningful - and still could last. Here at Santa Clarita In-Home Tutoring, we are proponents of meaningful gifts for your [...]

2911, 2022

Looking For A Highly Qualified Math Tutor In Newhall, CA? Here Are Some Tips

By |November 29th, 2022|Blog, math tutor, Math Tutoring, Math Tutoring Service, Newhall CA, tutor, Tutor, Tutoring|

Two main factors help determine the effectiveness of a math tutoring program for your child: One, the willingness of the student to learn, and two, how competent and skilled the tutor is. As a parent, your goal should be to find a "gem" from the rest of the tutors. And while there are no definite [...]

3110, 2022

Three Compelling Reasons To Enroll Your Child In Winter Break Tutoring In Santa Clarita, CA

By |October 31st, 2022|Santa Clarita CA, tutor, Tutoring, Tutors Santa Clarita CA, Winter Break Tutoring, Winter Break Tutors, Winter Break Tutors Santa Clarita|

The winter season is fast approaching, so it is not surprising that many are already preparing their to-do list for the winter break. If you are one of those thinking about making the most of a long holiday for their students, you will consider enrolling your child in winter break tutoring in Santa Clarita, CA. [...]

3009, 2022

How Your Student Can Benefit From A Back-To-School Tutor, Saugus, CA

By |September 30th, 2022|Back to School Tutor, Blog, Saugus CA, School Tutoring|

Preparation is crucial for your student to start right in their school, and there is one person that can effectively help with that - a back-to-school tutor in Saugus, CA. The tutor can give your child the support and guidance needed to succeed in their classes. Here are some things that a back-to-school tutor in [...]

3008, 2022

Remote Back-To-School Tutoring In Valencia, CA

By |August 30th, 2022|Back to School Tutor, Blog, Remote Tutoring, Tutor, Tutoring, Valencia CA|

Hearing learning institutions - tutoring companies included - opening doors to students is a welcome development for parents. With the continuing improvements in COVID-19 situations across the country, loosening restrictions are beneficial specifically for those who are doing face-to-face tutoring. However, there are plenty of reasons why remote back-to-school tutoring in Valencia, CA, still makes [...]

1407, 2022

Back to School Tutor Santa Clarita

By |July 14th, 2022|Back to School Tutor, Blog, Santa Clarita CA, School Tutoring, Tutor, tutor, Tutoring, Tutors Santa Clarita CA|

Looking for a professional back to school tutor in the Santa Clarita, CA area? Call Santa Clarita In Home Tutoring! (661) 977-1629 Your local back to school tutoring experts. We strive to deliver the highest quality back to school tutoring services in the Santa Clarita area at unbeatable prices! Find out why Santa Clarita In [...]

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