Building A Great Working Relationship With Your Back-To-School Math Tutor, Santa Clarita, CA

The key to effective Mathematics learning (or any subject for that matter) depends not only on how knowledgeable the tutor is but also on how good is your working relationship with him. With that said, it makes sense to give your best effort to keep your working relationship with him healthy.

So, the question then becomes: How to build a good working relationship with your back-to-school Math tutor, Santa Clarita, CA? In our decades of experience in the tutoring industry, we have proven that the following are helpful to establish a great working relationship with tutors, which allows you to become better prepared for the school ahead.

#1 | Be on time – In today’s math tutoring, many tutors do their classes at students’ home. However, just because your tutor does his lessons at your home does not mean that you do not mind the time. Being on time means you are ready for the lesson – physically, mentally – the moment your tutor arrives at the time agreed.

#2 | Promote mutual respect – Of course, any tutor would want the respect they give reciprocated. How do you give back the respect given to you by your tutor? As mentioned, being on time in classes is one. However, good manners, paying attention to the discussion, following the rules, being participative, and even by giving small compliments are an ingredient to promote mutual respect.

#3 | Complete the exercises – No matter how good your back-to-school math tutor, Santa Clarita, CA is, it becomes ineffective if you do not fully cooperate by completing the exercises. Note that the only way to get the hang of it (Math) is by doing the exercises. Your tutor knows this, which is why he gives you Math exercises.

#4 | Do not hesitate to ask questions – Tutors love students who ask questions. This allows them to tackle lessons that they might overlook. At the same time, it encourages open communication. So, if something that isn’t so clear to you, do not hesitate to ask questions.

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Benefits Of Hiring Back-To-School Tutor, Stevensons Ranch, CA

As they say, it is never too late to help a child succeed, but it is certainly easier when you help them before they fall behind. That is true as it is much more convenient (for both of you) to help them early on before they lose their enthusiasm and lag behind their peers.

Hiring a tutor is one effective way to help your student getting prepared for the new school year and there are several options that you can choose from, including hiring an in-home back-to-school tutor, Stevensons Ranch, CA.

Here are some of its benefits:

A dedicated approach. As opposed to sending them to a tutoring center where your child will learn together with other students, an in-home back-to-school tutor, Stevensons Ranch, CA, provides a one-on-one learning, which is designed to provide more concentration, laser-focused approach. You can rest assured that sufficient time is dedicated so that the learning process becomes more effective.

Learning within the comfort of home. There is no need to spend time going to and from a tutoring center, which could also be a time consuming daily endeavor. This means less budget allocation for transportation and more time for study. Why travel when a tutor can come to your location, right?

Proper assessment is done. Before your student even starts the tutoring program, he will undergo assessment, which is also called “baseline” assessment. This is to determine the areas where your student needs help, and then build a custom course based on it. At the end of the program, an “achievement” assessment is also performed to determine the level of progress your child has made.

You can have the option to participate in tutoring. This is another advantage of in-home tutoring for your child. You can provide some insights on how to make the tutoring more effective and fun (as you know your child very well).

Looking for a back-to-school tutor, Stevensons Ranch, CA? Santa Clarita In-home Tutoring might be the most qualified to cater to your child’s needs.

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Summer Tutoring, Saugus, CA – When Is It Necessary?

It is a great desire of every parent to have their children achieve a bright future. Quality learning is a key component to realize this goal. However, not all students perform better at schools; some lag behind for certain reasons. But that does not mean it is the end of the road for them. It has been proven that supplemental learning such as a summer tutoring, Saugus, CA, can help boost their academic performance.

While summer tutoring is considered by other people as optional, there are also those who consider it necessary for their children. The question now becomes – when does summer tutoring, Saugus, CA, necessary?

Failing grades. When a student fails from a subject or two at school, it is something that should not be ignored. The school might recommend a summer school, but you might also want to consider summer in-home tutoring. It is an opportunity to make an assessment of your child’s performance from the previous school calendar. A private tutor can make an initial assessment, which determines the specific area of the failed subject the student has issues. The tutor will create a lesson plan that is tailored to the results of the assessment.

Preparing for entrance exams. Though more and more colleges and universities no longer require standardized exams such as the SAT and ACT for admission, your child might still need to prepare for it should the school he is eyeing still implements it as part of the requirements for admission. An in-home tutoring program that offers comprehensive SAT and ACT review can be a great help for your child to become better prepared.

Self-confidence deterioration. When a student gets low scores at school, it affects their level of confidence. This might be noticeable as he comes home, but there are students who are not expressive enough about their situation. You will just know it when the results of their exams are in. Low self-confidence may further negatively impact their academic performance and their grades may suffer in the end. An in-home summer tutoring program is one effective way to address the issue. Tutors from reputable learning facilities are skilled on how to address the issue by knowing the weakest areas and taking actions to improve them. Students who learn from a tutoring program that is tailored to their unique needs easily learn, and it can effectively boost their self-confidence again.

Looking for a summer tutoring, Saugus, CA? Contact Santa Clarita In-home Tutoring today.

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How To Find the Best Summer School Tutor, Santa Clarita Valley, CA

As a parent who desires to provide the best for a child, you would want to make sure that yours has the best summer school tutor Santa Clarita Valley, CA. This will further enhance your student’s mental ability, which will create a huge impact over the course of his/her academic journey.

The question then becomes: how to find the best tutor in town?

While there is no perfect formula to finding the best summer school tutor Santa Clarita Valley, CA, the following tips can increase your chances of finding one:

Search through local directories. A lot of tutoring service providers post their business information on local directories. The reason for that is simple – because local directories are targeted. Meaning, your search can return information specific to particular locations (in this case, you can see results filtered to Santa Clarita).

Search engines are a great tool too. Google, for instance, crawls any information you can think of under the sun. By just doing a simple search, you will be amazed at how efficient and accurate they are in returning results. In fact, when you do a search with local identifier (e.g. summer tutor + location), the search results would include information tailored to your location such as phone number, specific address, reviews, and even direction.

Ask for a referral. Another source of information regarding the top summer school tutor Santa Clarita Valley, CA is to ask for referrals from reputable individuals, institutions that you know. They can give you an honest-to-goodness response.

Request quotations. Make a list of your prospective tutoring companies and then request quotations. This way, you can easily scrutinize each of them and make a comparison. And, by examining their program details and the cost of their package, you can easily trim the list down to the most qualified ones. By then, you can come up with a final list, which you will be using later as you visit the training facility for your final selection.

How to find the best summer school tutor, Santa Clarita Valley, CA? Contact us at (661) 977-1629

Great Deals on SUMMER TUTORING in Santa Clarita

The school year is winding down quickly with 7 to 9 weeks left depending on grade level, but this doesn’t mean your child’s learning momentum should take a hit too! To maintain and enrich the school year skills, summer tutoring is the key. It makes a huge difference in easing the transition to the next grade, builds confidence and hones those weak skills that are easily improved during the summer weeks. The end result is positive, prepared child, ready to take on the rigors of the next level.

And now, here’s more good news! We have great discounts on summer tutoring for students residing in Santa Clarita and the greater valley area. Please see details below.

Summer is actually the IDEAL time to address specific reading, math or writing weaknesses, build skills and avoid losing at least 30% of the knowledge gained during your son or daughter’s current school year. Until those underlying weaknesses are addressed, schoolwork will get tougher and tougher each year as the pace and complexity of the work increases.

Sometimes an underlying problem can result from a lack of strong study skills and solid organizational habits. Our tutors will ensure that these essential skills are acquired and are reinforced before the next school year begins. This is made possible by using a customized approach tailored to your child’s needs.

And don’t forget about PSAT, SAT and ACT tests. If your students are planning to take these exams, they should be ready for it as early as possible. And yes, summer is a perfect time to start this process or improve the current score. And it is never too early to start!

What are the summer specials offered by Santa Clarita In Home Tutoring?

There are two packages available. Each package lasts 6 weeks at either 2 or 3 hours a week of tutoring. The dates are June 10-July 21 and July 1-August 11. The rates increase every two weeks through May 27 at which point pricing for the 6 weeks package is $600 for 2 hours a week and $900 for 3 hours a week. Call today to lock in these rates today:

  • Option 1: 2 hours a week for 6 weeks for only $456
  • Option 2: 3 hours a week for 6 weeks for only $684

The tutoring schedule is set up and managed completely between your student and his/her tutor for maximum flexibility.

So, what are you waiting for? Give us a call to learn more.

For inquiries, contact us at (661) 2101-7850

The Role of a Spring Break Math Tutor, Valencia, CA, For Your Child’s Success in School

Historical numbers suggest that one of the subjects that many students find most difficult is Math. No wonder why many fail in this area. But here’s a simple truth that parents should realize: your student will improve with reinforcement.

Tutoring is one of the reinforcement methods you can take advantage of. And the spring season is an ideal time to start on that. Why? Because you can find a highly qualified spring break math tutor, Valencia, CA, just easily. And, it is the time of year when your student has an ample of free time.

Here are some of the benefits your student can get from a spring break math tutor, Valencia, CA:

Helps improve your student’s ability in different areas of Mathematics. Depending on the result of the initial assessment, a spring break math tutor can identify the area or areas that your student should focus on first. The tutor will then use a custom-designed study program tailored to your student’s unique needs.

Helps develop an effective learning strategy. Not only a student will learn the math subject itself but the best learning approach to make the study more effective. A math tutor can teach on how to deal with numbers more effectively. For instance, a student can learn about: (1) mastery of key concepts; (2) developing a mathematical dictionary, among others.

Helps improve communication skills. You will be surprised at how your student will have come in terms of communication skills when enrolled in a spring break tutoring program. As he communicates with his tutor (and tutor to the student), he is actually getting a special kind of attention that he seldom experiences in a one-to-many learning set-up – communication skills improvement. And this improvement in communication skills can help a student to effectively send his message across. Tutoring, particularly if it is a one-on-one setup, can help a student understand mathematics’ theoretical concepts as well as their application in practical world more effectively.

Helps build self-confidence. As your student’s tutor imparts more and more mathematical concepts, your student will develop self confidence knowing that he is more than ready to face the challenges that he has to face in the opening of the academic calendar.

Looking for a highly-qualified spring break math tutor, Valencia, CA? You have come to the right place! Contact us here at Santa Clarita In-Home Tutoring today.

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Finding the Right Institution for Spring Break Tutoring, Santa Clarita, CA

Spring break is a popular season for partying and extensive gatherings, but it is also a good opportunity to further enhance the academic prowess of your child. If you want your student to excel even more in school, you should find a way to include spring break tutoring, Santa Clarita, CA, to his/her spring schedules. It is just a matter of organizing things; you can enroll your child in a tutoring program while not compromising the fun.

So, you have decided to enroll your child in a spring break tutoring, Santa Clarita, CA? The next thing you need to do is to find the most qualified tutoring service provider in the area. This is so that the time and energy (and your money) spent on the program is not wasted.

Here are some things you need to put into consideration when choosing a tutoring company:

Industry experience. The length of time a tutoring company in service is a big factor on the level of quality of tutoring service they can deliver. When they have been in business for so long, it means that they have weathered the ups and downs of the market and have polished their system in the process.

Custom-designed program. A tutoring service provider that offers custom design programs can give your child a tutoring lesson that is tailored to his/her needs – one that is based on the result of pre-assessment. A custom-designed program can also be set up in a one-to-one basis or an in-home tutoring set-up.

Reviews. It is important that you know what people are saying about a tutoring service as this will help you better assess the qualification of your prospect. If you notice that negative reviews far outweigh the positive ones, then you have a valid reason to cross those prospects out from your list and find new ones.

License and certifications. And the last but not the least, make sure that your prospective tutoring service providers are licensed to operate in your area. The permit to operate as well as some related certifications indicate that they have complied with the state regulatory requirements and standards. This helps ensure the quality of their tutoring programs.

Want to enroll your child to a top-notch quality spring break tutoring, Santa Clarita, CA? Contact us today at (661) 977-1629.

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Back To School Tutoring Valencia, CA – Benefits For Your Student

Having a second thought on whether or not to enroll your student in a back to school tutoring Valencia, CA? This post has listed some of its benefits that might help you finally decide to let your student sit with a tutor for some learning sessions before school begins.

For early assessment. With back to school tutoring Valencia, CA, a tutor can make an early assessment regarding your student’s academic aptitude through comprehensive evaluation. Tutoring centers use proven effective process for a student’s academic skills evaluation across different subjects. Early assessment allows your student to work on areas that need improvement.

Becoming more prepared. By identifying the areas that need improvement, a tutor can customize a learning program that can effectively help your student become better prepared for the school ahead. The beauty of tutoring is that it can be done through a one-to-one set up, which makes the learning process more customized, addressing the areas that your student specifically needs help. When your student is fully prepared for school, he will achieve even more than you think he can.

Effective way to brush up with the previous subjects. Many students do not have the motivation to review the subjects they had from the previous school year when they do it all by themselves. However, when guided by a highly qualified tutor, the enthusiasm shoots up. This is partly because tutoring programs are designed in a way that they encourage students to love studying more. And partly because it has been recognized that subjects learned with a companion are more fun, and thus, more effective.

Build confidence early on. Another compelling reason to let your student go for a back to school tutoring program is that it can help boost his confidence, which helps him perform better in school. Better performance, better grades for your student.

Contact Santa Clarita In-Home Tutoring for proven effective back to school tutoring Valencia, CA.

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Why It Is a Wise Idea To Let Your Children Take a Winter Break Tutoring Santa Clarita

The winter season is here and many of us recede into the warm comfort of our home. But it could also mean a boring and dull time for children who are taking a break from their schools. So, how can you make your children still productive in the midst of freezing temperature? Why not let them take a winter break tutoring Santa Clarita?

Here’s why letting your children take a winter break tutoring Santa Clarita is wise idea:

It’s in-home tutoring. No need to send your children to a tutoring facility; classes can be done at home. No hassle and time consuming ride to and from a tutoring center. A highly qualified tutor is sent to your home and do the tutoring there.

It’s an opportunity to fill the gap/ brush up on the previous lesson at school. With so much time that can be potentially wasted during winter breaks, an in-home tutoring is a welcome activity. It’s an opportunity to have your children brush up with the subjects they are lagging behind. An in-home tutor, after the initial assessment, can readily pinpoint the areas where your children might need more improvement in order to keep up with their lesson when their school resumes.

An ideal time to prepare for ACT or SAT. If your children are preparing for a higher level of education (i.e. tertiary education) and are planning to take ACT or SAT, letting them do the needed review prior to the examination date can make a big difference. A winter break tutoring can help them succeed in this endeavor. An ample time for preparation increases the chances of passing those exams.

An opportunity for you to contribute in the learning process. While a highly qualified in-home tutor can handle the job just easily, it is also an opportunity for you to participate in the learning process since it is done at home. In doing so, you are also contributing more for the academic success of your children. You can participate in the evaluation and by providing supplemental inputs, making the tutoring process even more effective.

For top-notch winter break tutoring Santa Clarita, contact one of the most trusted in the area – Santa Clarita In-Home Tutoring.

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Let Your Child Spend Vacant Time with Winter Break Tutors, Santa Clarita

At the end of each winter season, students take a break from schools and many of them will recede into the comfort of their home – out from the biting cold of the freezing temperature. And, for wise parents who do not want to waste their children’s vacant time, they hire in-home winter break tutors, Santa Clarita.

Others might find it ironic to get students into a tutoring program when they are supposed to be on a break-from-school-activities time. However, here’s the truth that one must realize – winter break tutoring programs can be designed in a kind of setup that is totally different from that of school’s. Shall we say, a program can be customized in a way that is more fun and more encouraging and enticing.

If you are having a second thought on whether or not to hire from the available winter break tutors, Santa Clarita, here are some compelling reasons that might convince you to do so.

It’s an opportunity to brush up with subjects previously tackled at school. There are particular areas in your student’s subjects that need revisiting and this can be done ideally during winter break when there’s an ample time to do it. The review can be more effective when your student is guided by a tutor who is an expert in navigating the academic subject areas that your student needs some improvement. The identification of these areas can be done through prior assessment.

Opens door to learning new skills and knowledge. Winter break tutoring also allows your student to learn new knowledge across different areas of learning – be it a new strategy in solving mathematical problems or crafting better writing composition. An experienced tutor can identify the best approaches for your student to learn more effectively.

Helps develop interpersonal relations. As your student takes a winter tutoring program, you are giving him not just an opportunity to learn more about their subjects, but also, you are opening a portal for him to improve in interpersonal relation skills, which can make him more confident to face different people from different walks of life.

Provides an opportunity for parents to be part of the assessment. Last but not the least, winter break tutoring also provides you, the parent, an opportunity to be part of the learning process. The tutoring program can be custom-designed in such a way that gives you a chance to participate in the learning process, to provide some inputs, and give some help in giving final assessment.

Looking for winter break tutors, Santa Clarita? Contact us today at (661) 977-1629.

With A Class Size Of One, The Sky’s The Limit

Study after study shows the enormous power of one-on-one tutoring. The reasons are as obvious as they are compelling. The instruction is delivered at a pace that is comfortable for each student. The subjects are presented in the way best suited to each student’s learning style. The tutor can add depth and meaning to subjects that just can’t be delivered in crowded classrooms where the teacher is under the gun to race through the curriculum.

With one-on-one tutoring delivered in the comfort of the home, the experienced tutor can form a bond that just cannot be created in a one to many classroom environment. The result is great grades and a level of interest and motivation that just doesn’t happen in larger groups, or when the instruction is delivered by software, or by a less qualified teacher.

On Average, Our Students Improve 2 Letter Grades In 60 Days Or Less

Yes, that may sound unbelievable. But at Santa Clarita In Home Tutoring, we have tutored nearly a half a million students over the past twenty years, and the data doesn’t lie. One of our expert tutors, working one-on-one with a motivated student can do remarkable things. Just three hours of tutoring each week, focused directly on the problem subject, using the student’s own classroom materials and curriculum, will deliver rapid improvements in understanding, and raise the student’s homework grades, and quiz and test grades. The payback goes beyond better grades too. The student is more confident, less stressed and develops a stronger foundation for future classes.

The Secret Is A Team Of Expert, Experienced, Kind, Caring, Professional One-On-One Tutors, Completely Committed To Your Academic Success

Each of our tutors at Santa Clarita In Home Tutoring is a valued and trusted employee. Every tutor submits to a comprehensive background check, is thoroughly reference checked, agrees to drug testing, and either has a teaching degree or a college degree in an important specialty PLUS experience teaching or tutoring. And we don’t just stop there. We do competency testing and extra training with our tutors.

What we deliver is a far cry from the questionable tutoring you will find on Craigslist, or from a tutoring broker who just scours the classified ads to find someone who looks like they fit your needs. It’s also a far cry from the kind of software-assisted instruction overseen by high school students that you see at so many tutoring facilities. The difference is quite tangible- it means faster grade improvement, better learning, all in a safe environment working with a true expert. Call us today to find out how a hand-selected, experienced, professional tutor, matched precisely to your needs, can make a difference in your life!