Two main factors help determine the effectiveness of a math tutoring program for your child: One, the willingness of the student to learn, and two, how competent and skilled the tutor is. As a parent, your goal should be to find a “gem” from the rest of the tutors. And while there are no definite criteria for hiring a math tutor in Newhall, CA, there are some tips to keep in mind. Look for a tutor who:

Understands your student’s learning style

Understanding a student’s learning style is crucial, which is why, here at Santa Clarita In-Home Tutoring, we make prior evaluations so that our tutors know the strategy to apply. For instance, is the student active? Does he learn better with images or audio?

Puts importance to a parent’s recommendations

Parents know their children more than anybody else, and tutors should recognize that. A highly qualified math tutor in Newhall, CA, understands the importance of input from the parents in crafting an ideal learning strategy for the student. If you can find that tutor, add them to your list of prospects.

Makes time to reach out to your child’s math teacher

A tutor who reaches out to your child’s math teacher is another good sign your student is in good hands. The tutor recognizes it is an effective way to brush up on the topics the student might have missed and build from there – through consultation with the teacher.

(Is) supported by a reputable tutoring agency

Teachers from a tutoring agency are highly likely to deliver the tutoring service better. They have not only the materials and resources needed, but they also have undergone the necessary training to enhance their skills and to be able to deliver the service that every student deserves.

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