Once considered by some people as an unviable method for effective learning, the COVID-19 pandemic is proof that remote tutoring can be as effective as face-to-face learning. With internet technologies, any student can learn crucial academic concepts and practical applications through this method. However, like how you search for the best school to send your student, hiring remote tutors in Newhall, CA, requires careful assessment. The goal is to ensure your student gets the most out of remote tutoring. With that said, here are top considerations when you hire remote tutors in Newhall, CA, for your student/s:

Credentials. Scrutinize their credentials. Some criteria for selection should be non-negotiable. For instance, consider hiring only: those with long teaching experience; those who have a license for the job; and those who can show some recognition or awards from the academic/tutoring community in the past.

Learning tools/technologies used. Unlike online learning, wherein a student usually only access online materials (like video lessons), remote tutoring requires teachers to have real-time discussions and interactions with their students on the other side of the tutoring channel. Thus, it is imperative that remote tutors in Newhall, CA, use the right tools, software, and other technologies to deliver top-notch quality learning. As parents, you should ask what learning tools the tutors are using. Put the evaluation side by side with other tutoring providers. In this way, you can trim your list of prospects down to the most qualified ones.

Tuition fee. Of course, tuition fees should be part of the equation when choosing a tutor. The key is to compare their rates relative to the industry average. There are plenty of comparison websites that let you find out whether the rate is justifiable or not compared to the industry average. You may also ask about the “other fees” you need to pay, as some tutoring providers may not provide the details at first contact.

Assessment. It is also crucial that you ask about the method the tutors use to assess student performance and whether or not it is the industry standard.

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