Mathematics is one of the pillars of STEM, the foundation from which your child should hone to become a competitive individual in the future. Numerical aptitude is crucial for your student to excel in the future in a highly coveted career path. Thus, it makes sense to train your child as early as possible in math.

The recent pandemic (and we are not out of the woods yet) affected math learners worldwide. Continued restriction implementations put students in hibernation mode due to temporary closures of schools. But all is not lost. Hiring a remote math tutor, Santa Clarita, CA, is the way to go to close this pandemic learning gap.

Here’s how a remote math tutor, Santa Clarita, CA, can perform teaching duties amidst the education dynamics due to the pandemic.

  • Remote tutors take advantage of learning tools available online. They use learning applications such as Zoom, Google Classroom for discussions.
  • They use cloud services for easy transfer of learning materials. They also use it for practice tests and learning tool submissions.
  • Tutors implement a one-on-one tutoring session because countless studies have found that dedicated learning is more effective.
  • Because health and safety are our top priority, math tutors follow COVID protocol – should there be a need for face-to-face sessions.

How to find a highly qualified remote math tutor, Santa Clarita, CA:

Now, the most crucial question: how do you find a reputable remote math tutor? Several factors go into the process of hiring a highly qualified one. Here are some that you may consider including in your checklist:

  • Examine the offered tutoring programs (Does the tutor offer Mathematic courses? If so, does it include your child’s subject?)
  • Read reviews and assess how this tutor (and his agency) has performed in the past based on clients’ feedback (one question to ask: what’s the ratio between positive and negative reviews?)
  • And lastly, you have to know whether or not his company is licensed to provide tutoring services
  • Find out also how long has the tutor been providing tutoring services (the longer the experience, the better)

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