Do you have a specific academic goal? Do you need to finish a course with an A? Do you need to raise your SAT test score by 200 points? If so, we will design a customized in home tutoring program to help you to achieve your goal. In fact, we are so confident in our tutors and our tutoring processes that we money back guarantee your results. That’s right, if you do your part- work hard in the tutoring sessions, do the homework (yes, hand it in too), participate in class, etc… then we’ll refund every penny you paid for tutoring if we don’t meet your goal. Call us to see if this is a good fit for your situation.

Note: There is no small print, and no waffling. We believe in what we do. BUT, as good as we are, we are not magicians. Your goals have to be practical. We cannot raise an F to an A during the last two weeks of school, and we cannot increase your vocabulary by 2,000 words in a month either. BUT, if you have an achievable goal, even if it’s a tough one, call us to discuss whether our 100% Success Guarantee is a good fit for you!

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