If your child has dyslexia, a specific learning disability in reading, chances are that he’ll need to get specialized reading instruction as part of his education. While not all academic institutions offer such a learning program, your child can still get it in a private tutoring set-up.


Hiring a private tutor for a child with dyslexia has a number of benefits, including the following:

A customized learning program. One of the reasons why a private tutoring, Stevenson Ranch, CA is effective is that the program can be customized specifically for a particular student. A child that has dyslexia can enroll in a learning disabilities tutoring program (such as the one offered at Santa Clarita In Home Tutoring), wherein a dyslexia tutor has specific set of learning instructions that has been proven effective for children with this condition.

Equipped with the necessary tools design for persons with dyslexia. As mentioned, the learning materials used are specifically designed for children with dyslexia; you can rest assured that these tools and processes have been proven and tested by time.

One-to-one tutoring. With private tutoring, your child receives full attention and dedication from a dyslexia tutor. This is very important for your child to learn effective reading techniques, including sight words and building fluency. Expect that 100% attention is given to your child.

Holistic development approach. While a dyslexia tutor needs to ensure that the cognitive or mental aptitude of your child, particularly in reading, is developed, the approach is actually holistic; that is, the affective (or the emotional intelligence) as well as the psychomotor skills are also developed with private tutoring.

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