The key to effective Mathematics learning (or any subject for that matter) depends not only on how knowledgeable the tutor is but also on how good is your working relationship with him. With that said, it makes sense to give your best effort to keep your working relationship with him healthy.

So, the question then becomes: How to build a good working relationship with your back-to-school Math tutor, Santa Clarita, CA? In our decades of experience in the tutoring industry, we have proven that the following are helpful to establish a great working relationship with tutors, which allows you to become better prepared for the school ahead.

#1 | Be on time – In today’s math tutoring, many tutors do their classes at students’ home. However, just because your tutor does his lessons at your home does not mean that you do not mind the time. Being on time means you are ready for the lesson – physically, mentally – the moment your tutor arrives at the time agreed.

#2 | Promote mutual respect – Of course, any tutor would want the respect they give reciprocated. How do you give back the respect given to you by your tutor? As mentioned, being on time in classes is one. However, good manners, paying attention to the discussion, following the rules, being participative, and even by giving small compliments are an ingredient to promote mutual respect.

#3 | Complete the exercises – No matter how good your back-to-school math tutor, Santa Clarita, CA is, it becomes ineffective if you do not fully cooperate by completing the exercises. Note that the only way to get the hang of it (Math) is by doing the exercises. Your tutor knows this, which is why he gives you Math exercises.

#4 | Do not hesitate to ask questions – Tutors love students who ask questions. This allows them to tackle lessons that they might overlook. At the same time, it encourages open communication. So, if something that isn’t so clear to you, do not hesitate to ask questions.

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