With the current wave of COVID-19 pandemic, many businesses have scaled their operation down to their skeletal workforce. Even institutions from the academic sector have made or considered the shift to online learning. This pandemic is the main reason why even our tutoring program now has an option for virtual tutoring, Santa Clarita.

The question you might have in mind right now is this: Will virtual tutoring, Santa Clarita, be as effective as in-person tutoring? There are compelling reasons why virtual tutoring is a good alternative, including the following:

The tutoring still involves face-to-face discussion, albeit the virtual way. We recognize the fact that a face-to-face discussion effectively stimulates the cognitive domain of a learner, and cultivates the desire to learn more. With the use of video conferencing tools, we aim to keep the visual factor so that tutoring sessions are as stimulating as in-person discussions.

Easy access to supplemental resources. The use of internet technologies has been beneficial in terms of distance learning. One can find unlimited resources online that can be very helpful in making the learning session more effective. From educational videos to e-learning apps, from audiobooks to comprehensive study documents – all can be accessed through the internet. And they are usually free-of-charge.

Unlimited practice tests are easily accessible. It is very helpful, particularly for those students who are scheduled to take entrance exams such as the ACT and SAT. With the help of online resources, students can take practice tests anytime they want, even outside the tutoring sessions.

Easy sharing of documents. Students can easily obtain the resources that their tutors share during virtual tutoring sessions – thanks to the availability of cloud platforms such as Google Docs. It also means that tutors can evaluate exercises quickly and provide feedback easily despite the distance.

With the health issues surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic, it makes sense to take extra precautions by social distancing. But it does not mean that our students should stop learning. Virtual tutoring, Santa Clarita is an effective alternative to in-person learning.

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