The COVID-19 pandemic has put many industries to a halt, and this includes the sector of education. Many schools have temporarily closed their operation as they intend to “help flatten the curve.” And this creates an unintended effect – students’ learning stagnation. Many parents begin to worry about whether or not their students will be ready again once schools reopen.

Getting students to stay on the learning track despite the long hiatus caused by this pandemic is the goal of back-to-school tutoring, Saugus, CA. Tutoring centers like the Santa Clarita In-Home Tutoring understand the importance of keeping students’ interest in education. Thus, they design tutoring programs that help students more than ready once their schools open again.

Back-to-school tutoring, Saugus, CA, in the era of the COVID-19 pandemic, is slightly different from the conventional, pre-COVID tutoring. These modifications intend to keep students safe from this deadly disease without compromising the quality of the learning process.

So, if you are enrolling your students in a COVID back-to-school tutoring program, expects the following:

  • The use of PPEs or personal protective equipment such as face masks and face shields when the tutoring session requires a group or peer interactions
  • The implementation of some health safety protocols during the tutoring sessions, including frequent handwashing, body temperature check, social distancing, as well as operating in at most 50% capacity
  • The integration of online classes to further improve the safety of students during the tutoring duration; tutors and their students meet online via video conference apps (Skype, Zoom) for their non-in-person discussions.
  • In connection with online classes, you can also expect that your students will need to get familiar with online learning tools. For example, the use of online storage or cloud storage, where they will need to save or store their school works for easy access.
  • Tutoring centers also implement cashless payment options; contactless payments help to slow the spread of the COVID disease.

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