With the continued threat of COVID-19 disease, many parents resort to remote tutoring, Saugus, CA, for their children’s unhampered education. With this learning method, they can continue to learn from the comfort of their home – with the internet. Indeed, remote tutoring has become a revolutionary tool, helping students learn – even in the absence of a face-to-face setup.

However, just like any other tutoring method, remote tutoring, Saugus, CA, has its limitations that may affect a child’s interest in learning. For instance, it may bore students, and they will shift their attention to other online activities as a result – online games. To avoid this, teachers should devise learning strategies that make remote tutoring more appealing to students.

Here are some tips to optimize remote tutoring for students:

  • Make sure the online discussion platform you use works well – teachers should be well-versed with the tools they are using (Zoom, Google Classroom) so that students can have their classes unhampered.
  • Give students time to participate – online tools that offer video conferencing are preferred because you can see that students have your attention. It allows teachers to have real-time monitoring, and it is more effective in making students participate in discussions.
  • Make use of cloud storage for students’ work – it provides an efficient way to access your students’ works/assignments. It offers an easy way for sharing documents (Google Drive and Dropbox are some of the best examples for this)
  • Supplement discussions with other learning apps – there are countless apps out there. There are apps for research, measurements, unit conversions, math computations, among others. These can be helpful to make remote tutoring more effective. Use them for your online students.
  • Online tutors should not forget to evaluate or make an assessment of their remote tutoring strategy to ensure that the method keeps improving.

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