The latest industry figures have shown a continued spike in the number of people enrolling in remote tutoring, Santa Clarita Valley, CA. While experts agree that the COVID-19 pandemic has contributed to this trend, there are other reasons too. It is important to note that the numbers also indicate that the uptick already started several years before the onslaught of the said pandemic – it was the time when the growth of online apps for learning began to surge.

So, why is remote tutoring, Santa Clarita Valley, CA, steadily growing? Because people see it has compelling advantages, including the following:

Easy access – imagine learning without leaving the comfort of your home. That means you do not need to spend a chunk of time and money for a sometimes stressful commute. All you need to have is a computer and internet line; you are good to go.

Availability of remote tutoring tools – usually, teachers and students spend time in this type of tutoring set-up with live sessions for discussions. And, fortunately, there are plenty of available tools to carry out this process. For instance, you can use Zoom, Google Classroom, Virtual Classroom, and even Skype. These apps allow having a classroom set-up discussion, albeit the virtual way.

Easy file sharing – another compelling advantage of remote tutoring is the easy sharing of files and learning resources. The use of cloud storage makes it happen seamlessly. Teachers and students can exchange files that have something to do with projects and examinations just easily. Google Drive and Dropbox are some examples of cloud storage that participants in remote tutoring can use – for free.

Pandemic-proof – thanks to the availability of online tutoring tools and tutors trained to do remote tutoring, students can now continue to learn even during a pandemic. Parents can rest assured that their children can learn while being protected against contagion.

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