With the number of COVID cases rising again (many cited the winter season as one of the reasons for the spike), we should continue to be on guard to ensure that our loved ones and ourselves are safe amidst the continuing waves of this pandemic. However, this should not hamper our children’s learning.

So, speaking of your child’s learning, if you are hiring a tutor to supplement your child’s formal education, consider hiring a social distancing tutor in Santa Clarita, CA. Doing so will add a layer of protection for your child while continuing to hone his academic skills.

The strategies employed by a social distancing tutor, Santa Clarita, CA, include the following:

Exercising health and safety protocols – here at Santa Clarita In-Home Tutoring, we follow the health and safety protocols recommended by the authority. Wearing face masks, frequent hand washing, and social distancing are some of the practices we implement during tutoring sessions.

One-on-one tutoring – even before the onslaught of this pandemic, we already implemented one-on-one tutoring because it proves to be an effective strategy for a student to learn. A dedicated tutor helps ensure that we cover all of the subjects that need attention.

Online tutoring – as part of social distancing practices, tutoring agencies also implement online tutoring. That means, instead of meeting the student in person, we meet our students online. Both sides do not need to travel from one place to another to carry out a tutoring session. With the help of plenty of online tutoring tools, tutors can cover the lessons as if they meet with their students in person.

The use of online learning tools – to make the most out of online tutoring, we use several online tools. It is to make the learning process a lot easier for the students. At the same time, to ensure they become well adept with the latest learning innovations.

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