Every child has the right to quality education. That is why, as parents, we do everything for our children’s access to reputable learning programs. It is key to building a foundation for their success in the future.

The summer season, as we know it, is ideal for our children to spend more time outdoors. However, it is also a great time to let them brush up on their lessons from the previous year and, also, to prepare for the upcoming school opening. With the help of a highly qualified tutor in Santa Clarita, one can design a tutoring schedule that provides an ideal time for a student to learn – without compromising the outdoor activities.

Here’s how a summer school tutor in Santa Clarita can do it:


Before commencing a tutoring program, tutors conduct a diagnostic assessment to know the baseline from where they begin the learning process. There are several areas to identify during a diagnostic assessment which include:

  1. To discover a student’s learning potential;
  2. To determine whether or not they have any specific difficulties;
  3. To identify learning strategies.

Establish tutoring schedules

After the diagnostic assessment, tutors can establish tutoring schedules, including the number of sessions based on the results of such an assessment. They will also identify which particular areas from which subject a student needs to work on to achieve the tutoring goal. It is also the time wherein parents decide whether they go for in-home tutoring for their students or let them participate in a small group class at a tutoring facility.


After completing a tutoring program, tutors conduct an assessment to find out how much their students have learned from the program. The process includes comprehensive assessment exams and putting the results along with the target goal identified during the diagnostic assessment. Tutors then provide recommendations based on the assessment results.

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