The disruptions that the COVID-19 pandemic is causing to people’s daily lives are unprecedented. Many companies have either temporarily or permanently closed their businesses. It didn’t even spare the education sector as lots of schools are still closed to help flatten the curve.

Despite the current situation in the education sector, parents should continue their effort to help students for their academic advancement. The good news is that parents can still provide them with an opportunity to learn despite the pandemic by enrolling them in COVID-19 micro tutoring, Valencia, CA.

A COVID-19 micro tutoring program allows students to continue to learn while ensuring that they have a higher level of protection from this contagious disease. Here are the advantages that parents can expect from a company that offers COVID-19 micro tutoring, Valencia, CA.

  • Tutoring that puts health and safety protocols in place – parents can expect that their students will have a tutoring session that practices the COVID safety protocols as the health authority recommends. These include the use of PPE, maintaining social distancing, and proper sanitation.
  • Tutoring that is custom-design to students’ needs – Parents do not need to pay for extra hours for subjects that students do not use.
  • The use of e-learning platforms – To further enhance the COVID safety protocol, a micro tutoring program can also use e-learning tools such as discussions via video conferencing. Remote tutoring is a process where students can learn without having to leave the comfort of their homes.
  • Dedicated tutors – Students can have a tutor dedicated only to them; they can have more focused discussions knowing that the time that their tutors give is solely for them.

While it is true that the COVID-19 pandemic is something that people should take seriously, given its contagion rate, this does mean that students’ learning has to stop. What we need is a higher level of health and safety protocols without compromising their education.

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