COVID-19 Micro Tutoring

COVID-19 Safe Tutoring In Valencia, CA

At the rate things are going, with new COVID variants emerging every now then, it is apparent that we still have a long way to go to see the light at the end of this dark tunnel called the COVID pandemic. But what we can do is to cling to the hope that, one day, [...]

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COVID Tutors, Saugus, CA, Have Changed The Learning Landscape

We cannot put the education of our children to a complete halt just because of the COVID-19 pandemic we are facing. While we do not take this disease for granted, considering its fatality rates, we also need to weigh, on the other hand, the importance of unhampered learning for our children. In other words, we [...]

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COVID-19 Micro Tutoring, Valencia, CA

The disruptions that the COVID-19 pandemic is causing to people's daily lives are unprecedented. Many companies have either temporarily or permanently closed their businesses. It didn't even spare the education sector as lots of schools are still closed to help flatten the curve. Despite the current situation in the education sector, parents should continue their [...]

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