At the rate things are going, with new COVID variants emerging every now then, it is apparent that we still have a long way to go to see the light at the end of this dark tunnel called the COVID pandemic. But what we can do is to cling to the hope that, one day, things will get back to normal as we know it. It also means that we continue to provide our children with the education they need despite the challenges we face. COVID-19 safe tutoring in Valencia, CA, is the way to go to ensure their learning pushes through unhampered.

At Santa Clarita In-home Tutoring, we implement the highest safety protocols you can find for our students and teachers. We want to ensure that they are safe amidst the continued surge of COVID cases.

Here are some practices we implement to ensure COVID-19 safe tutoring in Valencia, CA:

Social/physical distancing – we offer dedicated tutors to provide one-on-one instruction. It is not just for a more effective learning process for your students but also to improve safety precautions against COVID 19.

Regular cleaning and disinfection – we clean and sanitize the tutoring venue before and after the session. We use scientifically proven cleaning solutions/disinfectants to provide a safe and virus-free place for learning.

Online/remote tutoring – parents can also opt for online tutoring sessions for their students. Yes, students can continue to learn without leaving the comfort of their homes. We use some of the best online learning tools available to ensure that the learners get the same quality of teaching as face-to-face.

Cloud solutions – we also use cloud apps such as Google Drive, Dropbox apps for requirement submissions. Students can submit their quizzes, evaluation, exams there to ensure COVID-19 safe tutoring.

COVID testing – as often as necessary, our teachers and staff may undergo COVID testing to ensure COVID-19 safe tutoring in Valencia, CA.