We cannot put the education of our children to a complete halt just because of the COVID-19 pandemic we are facing. While we do not take this disease for granted, considering its fatality rates, we also need to weigh, on the other hand, the importance of unhampered learning for our children. In other words, we should do our best to co-exist with the virus while waiting for the cure and vaccine ( the medical industry is making great strides on this, by the way) as opposed to choosing learning stagnation. Thanks to COVID tutors, Saugus, CA, who has made continued learning possible amidst the pandemic.

Indeed, COVID tutors, Saugus, CA, have changed the face of learning. These particular tutors are not just competent in teaching, but they also include health and safety protocols in the tutoring sessions. The goal is to help flatten the curve while not compromising our children’s learning.

Here are some of the health and safety practices integrated into tutoring sessions these days:

The use of protective gear – COVID tutors use PPEs such as face masks and face shields in each of the tutoring sessions to help protect not just the tutors themselves, but more importantly, the students who can be more vulnerable to this disease.

Frequent cleaning and sanitizing – COVID tutors also make sure that they sanitize the learning space or room before using it. With the use of disinfectant, parents can rest assured that their children use clean spaces conducive for learning.

Proper hygiene – Tutors teach students about proper hygiene. From the moment they enter the room, rest assured that they have to undergo footbath to ensure sanitizing of their footwear. They will also learn about the importance of frequent handwashing and why they should practice it in their tutoring sessions.

The coronavirus pandemic is truly unprecedented, but that does not mean our students should stop going to school or attending a tutoring session because of its threat to their health. All we need are tutors that are not only competent in teaching but also capable of implementing the recommended safety protocols while in tutoring sessions.

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