While many students go for a summer interlude, others prefer another way to spend their time during this season – summer tutoring, Santa Clarita. Since the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic, more and more are enrolling in a summer tutoring program to catch up on their academic performance.

Indeed, summer tutoring, Santa Clarita, has been proven to bridge the gap in learning brought about by COVID-19. Parents have realized the value of tutoring to compensate for the effect of the pandemic-disrupted classes.

Here are some of the reasons why parents are enrolling their students in summer tutoring:

Preparing for the next school year – summer tutoring helps students better prepare for the upcoming school year. It is specifically beneficial for students who did struggle to pass in the last school year (those who could have failed if not for the remedial classes)

Laser-focused learning – with tutoring, the lessons are prepared according to what subjects the students need to focus their time on. It is possible because tutors conduct student evaluations before the tutoring session commences. In the evaluation process, tutors can identify which topics the student needs to work out.

In-home tutoring setup – there is no need for students to go to a tutoring facility. Instead, tutors will come to their homes. Of course, tutors will do their classes while being mindful of the pandemic. They will implement health protocols to minimize (if not completely eradicate) the risks of getting infected by the virus.

Summer tutoring online is also possible – in this setup, students and tutors meet and do the classes over the internet, using several tutoring tools, such as Zoom, Google classroom, among others. The risk of being infected with COVID is even lower.

Summer tutoring as a confidence booster – several studies have shown that students who enroll in summer tutoring programs become more confident and enthusiastic in their studies. It is even more beneficial as they enter the new stage of learning in the next school year.

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